1. One-way device, pressure reducing valve assembly

    Motorcycle accessories are mainly divided into one-way devices and pressure reducing valves, which are all motorcycle pressure reducing system accessories.

    The unidirectional device is composed of 6 parts, among which the main body is powder metallurgy products made of alloy materials. The production spans 11 technological processes, including 2 full size inspection items and 3 performance inspection items. At present, the annual shipment of unidirectional devices alone can reach 6 million sets, and strategic cooperation has been reached with famous domestic and foreign brands such as Loncin, Sundiro, and Honda.

    Hualian has an independent pressure reducing valve assembly line. There are 9 different specifications of pressure reducing valve components, which are composed of valve seat, fly block, rivet, pivot pin, tension spring, and needle roller. The valve seat Hefei block is a powder metallurgy product made of alloy material.