Hualian is based on ultra-high temperature sintering technology, driven by ultra fast mold changing capability and service system.To provide high-precision and cost-effective quality manufacturing solutions for powder metallurgy products for auto parts suppliers.
What is high temperature sintering

After the powder metallurgy products are pressed, the alloying elements only adhere to the surface of the iron powder. After sintering, the alloy will diffuse. And the higher the temperature, the larger the alloy diffusion area, and the higher the strength of the product. High-temperature sintering can reduce or even eliminate the influence of material segregation on the product, and is an important measure to improve the strength of the product. Through high-temperature sintering, part of the oxide can be reduced, the diffusion rate of the alloy and the uniformity of the composition can be increased, and the pores can be fully spheroidized. And the hole spacing increases. 1250°C ultra-high temperature sintering This is a common FD-0405 material. The left picture is 1120°C normal temperature sintering, and the right picture is 1250°C ultra-high temperature sintering. From the metallographic point of view, the diffusivity of the ultra-high temperature sintered alloy is significantly higher than that of 1120°C, which is close to the fully pre-alloyed state.

High-alloy powder metallurgy raw materials

High-alloy powder metallurgy raw materials
Product precision and purity are high

Tamagawa high temperature push rod furnace

Supporting Tamagawa high temperature push rod furnace
The sintering temperature can reach 1300 degrees

Intelligent temperature control system

Equipped with intelligent temperature control system
High sensitivity and precise temperature control